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What is EmbToolit ?

EmbToolkit, here, means Embedded systems Toolkit.

EmbToolkit eases setup of necessary tools for embedded linux system development, including the root filesystem generation.
It generates toolchain/SDK based on traditional GNU tools (GCC, Binutils, etc.) and/or the newer clang/llvm compiler infrastructure.

Furthermore you have the choice to use one of supported C libraries:

EmbToolkit will be handy if you want to develop applications and generate firmware for a highly customized/specialized embedded linux product.
EmbToolkit is known to work and generate toolchain, build root filesystem under the following host development machines OS:

  • GNU/Linux based distributions

  • FreeBSD (other BSD may work, but not tested)

  • Mac OS X

Currently supported embedded architectures


Features highlight
  • First of all, EmbToolkit is designed to be simple to use and to customize.

  • Versatile tool and highly configurable. You can use EmbToolkit to:

    • Generate a toolchain/SDK (usable in an external build system)

    • Setup a cross compiler environment based on GCC or clang/llvm or both.

    • Generate various root filesystems

    • Test easily the toolchain usability/quality (by means of the generated nfs root filesystem).

  • Easy configuration interface through menuconfig or xconfig, like the linux kernel.

  • All options of C libraries used (EGLIBC and uClibc) are directly configurable through the main configuration window.

  • You can optionally integrate various packages, from busybox, Gtk+ graphic library, to a complete graphic X window system, among others.

  • You can add your own package and take advantage of EmbToolkit package build system.

    • This by writing only two files (.mk: a Makefile and .kconfig: a configuration file)

    • Your package source code can be fetched from tarball, from git or svn repository

    • The build system handles packages dependency, automatic rebuild if configuration and/or dependency changes, etc.

  • Toolchain and packages build are cached, this speeds up the build process (after a first build).

  • Optional automatic bug fix download and apply, for one of the toolchain components, or root filesystem packages

    • No need to download a new version of EmbToolkit, unlike other toolchain build systems

    • Next time you build your toolchain or your root filesystem bug fixes are automatically applied

    • This ensures that your toolchain and root filesystem packages take advantage of the latest bug fixes available

Embedded systems Toolkit
Supported target architecturesARM MIPS
Supported C librarieseglibc glibc musl uClibc
Cross Compiler infrastructuresGCC or llvm/clang
Latest releasev1.9.0
Latest release date2017/06/05
First release date2009/05/01
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