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EmbToolkit · Companion for your embedded system firmware

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  1. How can I use EmbToolkit toolchain/SDK in my external project?

    In generated/ subdirectory you have the toolchain packaged in a toolchain-xxx.tar.bz2 file.
    Just decompress it in your external project build system and add --sysroot=sysroot-yyy compiler switch to all
    GCC or CLANG invocation (sysroot-yyy being the sysroot directory packaged in the toolchain).

  1. What are all these parameters while I am trying to generate JFFS2 root filesystem for nand flash?

    Please read the datasheet of the flash chip on your board to correctly fill these parameters.

  2. Is it possible to customize how the root filesystem is generated?

    Yes! However you need to do it yourself.
    The whole root filesystem generation process is located in mk/rootfs/rootfs.mk
    As of version 1.4.0 EmbToolkit uses OpenRC for its init scripts.
    You can also customize the boot sequence by modifying OpenRC init scripts located in mk/rootfs/openrc

  1. Which programming language is used to write the build system?

    The build system is mainly written in plain GNU Make.